Q:  Hey, just wondering, how tall are you?

A:  I'm 5'7"


Q:  Thanks!  What size pads do you wear?

A:  Warrior Ritual G4 32" +1.5"


Q:  What about your other gear?

A:  For up to day equipment, see my In The Bag Video!


Q:  But what about your skate blades?  What are they and how sharp?

A:  I'm currently using Step Steel Extremes cut at 5/16" hollow.


Q:  Do you do YouTube Full-Time?

A:  Unfortunately, no.  I do voice over work full time but I do spend upwards of 8 hours a week working on video content.


Q:  The rink in your videos looks familiar?  Where do you play?

A:  I live in Massachusetts and primarily skate at Philips Academy in Andover.


Q:  I love your mask!  What brand is it?

A:  Protechsport Luongo mold with a +1/2" chin and 3/4" round vent holes


Q:  How long have you been playing Adult hockey?

A:  Coming up on 25 years!


Q:  What!  How old are you?

A:  I graduated from HS in 1995 (the last year of organized hockey).


Q:  I love your videos!  Will you be my goalie coach?

A:  Thanks and I'm flattered!  But unfortunately, I do not consider myself a goalie coach.


Q:  Will you make more videos about (fill in the blank)"

A:  Sure, make sure you ask in the Comments of my videos!  I take in all of your suggestions and try to get to as many as I can!


Q:  I've LIked, Subscribed and Commented on your Videos.  Am I Awesome?

A:  Yes, Totally!


Q:  I Commented on a video, but never got a reply?  What gives?

A:  Thanks for commenting!  While I try to reply to all comments, sometimes I don't have the capacity to individually reply to everyone.  But know that I do read all Comments and truly appreciate each and every one!


Q:  How can I ensure I never miss one of your videos?

A:  In addition to Subscribing to my Channel, click the Notifications Bell so that YouTube let's you know when I upload!


Q:  What's your favorite NHL Team?

A:  Seeing as I'm from Boston (and used to work at the Garden) I have to say the Bruins!