YouTube Channel Audio Audits

Would you like your YouTube Channel featured in an upcoming Channel Audio Audit?  Click the button to drop me an email request!  Please include your channel url/ channel name as well as your current audio set up!


1-Hour Audio Consultation

60 minute one-on-one video consultation where we discuss all things audio!  Whether your a Content Creator, Voiceover Artist or someone who just wants to sound better on their Zoom calls, I can advise you on everything from microphones & audio gear to vocal and presentation techniques and anything in between.  This is your opportunity to get all your audio questions answered!

Video Calls will be scheduled via email.


20 Minute Video Call

Got a quick question or a specific audio related problem?  Connect with me one-on-one where I'll provide personalized insight into your audio issue!

Video Calls will be scheduled via email.


Audio Analysis

A written analysis of your audio!  You send me a link or sample recording and I'll send you a personalized email detailing my thoughts about your audio!  Typical turnaround between 3-5 days.

Written analysis email of your audio.